tamara michaelis

About me

I am an Environmental Engineer with a specialization in hydrology, hydraulic engineering and hydrogeology. Coming from a technical background I am now engaging in the more interdisciplinary field of human-flood interactions. My approach for understanding feedbacks of human and natural systems is agent-based modelling, a technique combining knowledge from social, natural and computer sciences.


In my research I use a combined agent-based and hydraulic modelling framework to explore two-way interactions and feedbacks between floods and societies. This approach focuses on the role of the individual and builds the complex human-flood system from the bottom up. As an explanatory tool it can provide new insights into temporal and spacial flood risk dynamics and depict possible future scenarios. I am aiming at improving this tool while exploring its possibilities and limitations.

Key publications

  • Michaelis, T., Brandimarte, L., Mazzoleni, M. (2020). Capturing flood risk dynamics with a coupled agent-based and hydraulic modelling framework. Hydrological Sciences Journal, in review

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