The role of risk perception in influencing flood losses over time

Do you know the idiom “burying the head in the sand”? The phrase refers to the common but mistaken belief that an ostrich hides its head in the sand as soon as it feels threatened. According to this credence, the ostrich perceives to be at risk but does nothing to change its fate. On theContinue reading “The role of risk perception in influencing flood losses over time”

AGU 2019 Fall Meeting

The year 2019 marked the Centennial of the American Geophysical Union (AGU), and in December a delegation of our team – Elena, Giuliano and Maurizio – joined its yearly Fall Meeting in San Francisco. Besides attending numerous sessions and poster presentations, we had the chance to present ours and our colleagues’ research, which spanned from sociohydrological modelling to remote sensing. Continue reading “AGU 2019 Fall Meeting”

Drought in the Anthropocene – 2019 Workshop

Last week, together with Claudia Teutschbein, Elena Ridolfi and Sara Lindersson, I attended the annual IAHS Panta Rhei Drought in the Anthropocene 2019 Workshop organised by Margaret Garcia and colleagues from the Arizona State University. The focus of the workshop was on the cascading effects of drought and anthropogenic factors. Moreover, the workshop aimed at strengthening andContinue reading “Drought in the Anthropocene – 2019 Workshop”

Evaluating precipitation datasets for large-scale distributed hydrological modelling

Our understanding of the advantages and limitations of satellite derived precipitation datasets as a forcing to hydrological models has made tremendous progress over the past decade. However, most studies have analysed only the performance of one or few datasets, were limited to selected small-scale case studies or used lumped models when investigating large-scale basins InContinue reading “Evaluating precipitation datasets for large-scale distributed hydrological modelling”