International Mountain Conference 2019

What location could possibly beat the beautiful mountain-surrounded Innsbruck for a conference dedicated entirely to the thing I love the most? Mountains are incredible. They provide an escape from every-day life, they connect us with the environment, and most importantly, they provide us what we need the most, water. Fun facts from the IMC: aContinue reading “International Mountain Conference 2019”

HydroSocialExtremes at the International Conference of RGS in London

I attended the International Conference of the Royal Geographical Society (RGS) in London together with two HydroSocialExtremes fellows, Maria Rusca and Elisa Savelli. This event attracted over 1,800 scientists from around the world. I had a chance to interact with both physical and human geographers involved in water related science, and brainstorm about future researchContinue reading “HydroSocialExtremes at the International Conference of RGS in London”

RGS 2019 Conference: From geographies of trouble to geographies of hope

Just back after the three-day RGS-IBG Annual International Conference which attracted more than 1,800 geographers worldwide to discuss and question their role in our (troubled) time. As both participant and contributor, I have found it fascinating to observe the effort and the ethical struggle with which those scientists seek answers to questions that nobody everContinue reading “RGS 2019 Conference: From geographies of trouble to geographies of hope”