Elena R

Elena Ridolfi

About me

I am interested to the mutual feedback between society and water. I aim at studying and modeling hydrological extremes and their effect on human society.


My research focuses on the study of hydrological extremes, such as floods and droughts, their role in shaping human societies and how in turns societies react and face hydrological extreme events. To this end, I use the copula function to statistically investigate hydrological extremes and to unravel their characteristics. To disentangle the processes existing between society and hydrological extremes, I employ cascade models. The use of small and large scale datasets helps better understanding and potentially predicting these mechanisms.

Key publications

  • Ridolfi, E., Di Francesco, S., Pandolfo, C., Berni, N., Biscarini, C. and Manciola, P., Coping with Extreme Events: Effect of Different Reservoir Operation Strategies on Flood Inundation Maps, Water, 11(5), 982, 2019.
  • Ridolfi, E., Wanders, N., Di Baldassarre, G., Human impacts and responses to hydrological extremes: Large scale modeling over Europe to unravel the role of reservoir operations, EGU 2019.
  • Ridolfi, E., Albrecht, F., Di Baldassarre, G., Exploring the role of risk perception in influencing flood losses over time, Hydrological Sciences Journal, 2019, under review.

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