Sara Lindersson

About me

PhD student Environmental Analysis, MSc Environmental Engineering. Exploring how Earth observation can advance our understanding of worldwide water disaster risk, with a certain emphasis of vulnerability aspects.


My research uses planetary-scale geospatial datasets and worldwide archives to uncover dynamics between hydrological extremes and societies, through quantitative GIS analysis. I use Earth observation to test if results from case studies also appear as generic patterns at larger scales. As a starting point of my PhD, I have reviewed the availability and usability of free planetary-scale geospatial datasets to facilitate water disaster research.

Key publications

  • Lindersson, S., Brandimarte, L., Mård, J., and Di Baldassarre, G. (2020). A review of freely accessible global datasets for the study of floods, droughts and their interactions with human societies. WIREs Water, DOI: 10.1002/wat2.1424

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