International Mountain Conference 2019

What location could possibly beat the beautiful mountain-surrounded Innsbruck for a conference dedicated entirely to the thing I love the most?

Mountains are incredible. They provide an escape from every-day life, they connect us with the environment, and most importantly, they provide us what we need the most, water. Fun facts from the IMC: a sixth of the world population relies on glaciers and snow melt for water, and 70% of lowlands either depend or are supported by runoff coming from the mountains.

However, they can be dangerous when put under pressure. I’ve heard in one of the talks that “disasters are related to development”. Especially in mountain regions, hydrogeological hazards turn into disasters when we “push too much”. In the risk governance session we discussed how mountain communities can deal with risk under changing framework conditions.

  • Which measures and tools are required in integrated risk management to deal with current and emerging challenges triggered by natural hazards?
  • How could risk governance be designed to support diverse mountain communities on their way towards “risk competent societies”?

Any thoughts?

Check out my poster here!

By Elena Mondino

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