RGS 2019 Conference: From geographies of trouble to geographies of hope

Just back after the three-day RGS-IBG Annual International Conference which attracted more than 1,800 geographers worldwide to discuss and question their role in our (troubled) time.

As both participant and contributor, I have found it fascinating to observe the effort and the ethical struggle with which those scientists seek answers to questions that nobody ever asked. Concerns which deal with reframing and reshaping our world toward a more just and sustainable path. I have sensed their true engagement in searching the light in the cracks and discovered the work they do with what seemingly does not work. By challenging their ontologies as well as criticizing what is already critical, they disclose unexplored territories and unearned voices.

I attended several sessions that had to do mostly with water. Presenters questioned water hybrid (socio-natural) essence and elaborated upon its political and social unfolding throughout space and time. In their discussions humans are being distanced from the central and dominant role they have took, in order to give that space back to nature. In a way that also water and its ecosystems could reclaim their future. If some geographers would argue how fair it is to lead someone else’s battle, others would answer that we are water and water is us. I will keep those doubts with me and turn these inspiring thoughts into relevant questions for my future research about water and its alarming and uneven scarcity.

By Elisa Savelli


One thought on “RGS 2019 Conference: From geographies of trouble to geographies of hope

  1. Good job , Elisa .
    Not doubting the importance of conferences, specially the networking side of it …, but what happens afterwards, how the actions and commitments are followed remains a challenge…
    lately it has become more of recreational activity for many ;)…


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